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A Chinese Kraak dish from the Wanli shipwreck

A Chinese Kraak dish from the Wanli shipwreck

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A Chinese Kraak dish decorated in underglaze blue which was recovered from the Wanli shipwreck, and dated to the late Ming period.  The rim of the dish is moulded into eight panels, with alternating panels decorated with 'peaches' and precious objects.  The centre of the dish is attractively decorated with a grasshopper standing on a rock beneath a fruiting plant with finely-divided leaves.  The back of the dish is decorated in a simple fashion with circles containing (perhaps ) peaches.  Diameter 21.5 cm (8.5")

Provenance: this dish was recovered from the Wanli Shipwreck by Nanhai Marine Archaeology and bears their label together with a label with item reference.  The dish is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Principal Researcher during the recovery, Sten Stjostrand.

Date: late Ming c1620

Condition: The dish has warped substantially during firing.  The glaze has softened as a result of submersion but is still in good condition.  There is a small amount of typical shallow chipping and fritting to the rim of the dish.  The dish had a short and tight hairline which has now been consolidated and is invisible.