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A late Ming Kraak crow cup (kraaikom)

A late Ming Kraak crow cup (kraaikom)

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A deep Chinese kraak bowl with out-turned rim, decorated in underglaze blue, and dating from the end of the Ming Dynasty c 1610-1640. The body is moulded into 6 panels, each of which is decorated on the outside with precious objects and tassels which are suspended from the rim of the bowl, and on the inside with spiky branches and elongated 'peaches' or 'sunflowers' (these are so stylised that it is difficult to say which). The centre of the interior of the bowl is decorated in typical style with a bird sitting on a rock amongst foliage, and with the moon in the sky above. Diameter 12.5cm (4.9”)

It was this decoration of a bird that led the Dutch to refer to these deep bowls as 'kraaicom', or 'crow cups'. This is an attractive example, with the underglaze cobalt blue of a good rich tone. 

Dating: Wanli to Chongzhen c 1610-1640


The bowl is in excellent condition, with just a small and shallow flake missing from the inside of the foot rim, which may have been caused during production. As is usual with the fragile rims on these Kraak wares there is a small amount of roughness to the glaze on the rim.  No cracks and no restoration (see images).

(The stand is for display only, and is not included with the bowl.)