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Chinese 8 horses of Wang Mu plate Kangxi

Chinese 8 horses of Wang Mu plate Kangxi

Code: 220307


A good quality and attractive Chinese plate, decorated in underglaze blue, and dating to the Kangxi period. The centre of the plate has been decorated with 8 horses gambolling in a field beneath a willow tree. The rim of the plate is decorated with plants emerging from decorative rockwork. The back of the plate is decorated with two twiggy branches at the rim, and with a flower head mark within double circles on the base. Diameter 21.6 cm (8.5")

The charming scene with the horses represents the Eight Horse of Wang (King) Mu. Wang Mu reigned during the Zhou dynasty in the 10th Century BCE, and the Eight Horses were his favourite chargers which pulled the Emperor's chariot as he progressed about his realm to visit the Goddess Hsi Wang Mu.

Dating: Kangxi c 1690 - 1710

This plate has 3 small rim chips from the back of the rim and a few small glaze frits at the rim.  There are two consolidated and difficult-to-see hairlines from the rim, and a short firing fault at the back of the rim which does not extend through the body to the front. The foot rim has a few small chips. An attractive plate which displays well.