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Chinese export sander, Kangxi

Chinese export sander, Kangxi

Code: 18307


A good quality Chinese export sander with a saucer-shaped top, decorated in underglaze blue of a good rich colour, and dating from the Kangxi period c1700-1720. The side is decorated with a band of precious objects, and the pierced top and foot are decorated with floral sprays.  Height 6.3cm (2.5") diameter 8.2cm (3.2”)

A sander was a European desk accessory.  It would have been filled with fine sand and once a letter had been wrtten the sander would be used to sprinkle sand over the letter to dry the ink.

Dating: Kangxi c1700-1720

This sander is in excellent condition. There is a small amount of glaze fritting at the rim, and one small area of production roughness to the foot. There are a few discoloured glaze pinholes.  No chips, cracks or restoration.  Please see images.