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Chinese Ming Kraak klapmuts bowl

Chinese Ming Kraak klapmuts bowl

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A good quality example of a Chinese Kraak klapmuts bowl, thinly potted and translucent, and dating from the Wanli period.  The centre of the bowl is decorated with precious object, while the cavetto is divided into shaped panels (following the moulding of the body of the bowl) with flowers and peaches in panerls separated by hanging tassels.  The rim is decorated with a pattern of flowers and peaches, and ruyi heads, separated by panels of diaper decoration.

In her book on Kraak wares, Maura Rinaldi classifies this type of klapmuts as 'Type IV', of which this is an early example.

Dating: Wanli c1600-15

Condition:  There are areas of glaze fritting around the delicate everted rim.  The glaze did not completely cover the base, leaving some unglazed areas. There is a firing flaw on the underside of the bowl, which does not pass through the body.  Please see our photos.