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Finely-potted late Ming Kraak crow cup, Wanli

Finely-potted late Ming Kraak crow cup, Wanli

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A good quality Chinese late Ming kraak 'crow cup' of a good size with typical everted rim, finely potted and translucent, and dating from the Wanli period. The deep bowl is moulded into 6 panels, each attractively decorated to the outside with birds, flowers and foliage and with suspended ribbons between each panel. The inside is decorated with flowers, foliage and 'peaches' separated by narrow panels of 'jewels'. The base of the interior is painted with a bird standing on a rock and gazing towards the sky (which gave these bowls the name 'crow cups'). Diameter 13.6cm (5.4").

This is a nice quality example of a late Ming crow cup. Maura Rinaldi shows a comparable example in plate 182 of her book on Kraak porcelain.

Dating: late Ming Wanli period (1600-1620)

Condition. There is one faint hairline curving from the rim down one side of the bowl and a little roughness to the delicate rim. There is one small area inside the rim where the glaze has flaked away. There are what appear to be two small burst glaze bubbles to the side, and some kiln grit adhering in the glaze on the outside. Please study our photographs