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A Chinese biscuit decorated bowl, Kangxi

A Chinese biscuit decorated bowl, Kangxi

Code: brinjal_bowl


An attractive biscuit fired Chinese bowl decorated with green and aubergine enamels on a yellow ground and dating from the Kangxi period. The outside of the bowl is decorated with three flower sprays of magnolia, lotus and peony. The flowers are left uncoloured and show the white of the porcelain.  The interior of the bowl has a single lingzhi fungus in the centre. The base is covered with a clear glaze and has an underglaze blue double ring with a seal mark in the centre. The unglazed portion of the foot rim has fired pink.  Diameter 19 cm.

These biscuit-decorated three colour wares are sometimes known as brinjal wares in the west, and as susancai in China.

Dating: Kangxi (1662-1722)

Condition. These biscuit fired wares are prone to cracks, and this bowl has two hairline cracks (of around 4.5 and 5cm) from the rim which have been consolidated. There is one very small underglaze chip to the rim. The interior of the bowl has wear to the centre and some scratching to the glaze. Please see our images.