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A Chinese export Imari tankard

A Chinese export Imari tankard

Code: 171104


A good Chinese export mug, decorated in the Imari palette of underglaze blue with iron red enamel and gilding, and dating from the second quarter of the Eighteenth Century c 1725-1750. The outside of the mug is well decorated with a bird sitting on ornamental rockwork amidst peonies. The inside of the rim is also decorated with alternating diaper panels and flower heads. Height 11.8cm (4.7")

This mug is made with quite generous proportions and holds around 0.5 litre (or one pint).

Dating: c1725 - 1750

This mug is in excellent condition. There is some fritting to the glaze on the handle, and a few tiny 'flea bite' frits around the rim. There is also a short firing fault at the point where the bottom of the handle attaches to the body which does not extend across the full width. (See images.)