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A Chinese export Imari teapot c1720-35

A Chinese export Imari teapot c1720-35

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An attractive Chinese export teapot and cover with ribbed body decorated in the Imari palette of underglaze blue with overglaze red enamel and gilding, and dating from the Kangxi to Yongzheng period.  The teapot is profusely decorated with flowers and foliage and with a diaper band with flower spray reserbes around the top of the body.  Height to tip of knop 13cm (5.1").

At an early stage in its life the teapot handle has been broken and a strong metal replacement fitted, covered with a decorative woven cane.  Replacement handles such as this are part of the history of the item, and demonstrate the value placed on these Chinese wares in the early Eighteenth Century.

Dating: Kangxi to Yongzheng c1720-1735

Condition.  At the point where the metal handle has been fixed near the base there are cracks in the porcelain caused during the repair process.  There is one small glaze chip from the side of the body.  Please see our photographs.  No other damage.