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A Chinese Imari mug, Kangxi or Yongzheng

A Chinese Imari mug, Kangxi or Yongzheng

Code: 250801


A Chinese Imari palette export mug with an ovoid body and horizontal ribbing around the neck, and a brown-dressed rim. The body of the mug is decorated with flower sprays representing the four seasons (peony, lotus, chrysanthemum and prunus). Underglaze blue lingzhi fungus mark to the base. Height 9.9cm (3.9”). Kangxi or Yongzheng c1720-30

An almost identical mug, but decorated purely in underglaze blue, is shown in figure 21 in ‘Tankards and Mugs’ published by Jorge Welsh in 2016.

Condition A number of filled chips around the rim, with the filling now discoloured. Some rubbing and loss to the gilt decoration.