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A Chinese Transitional period plaque Shunzhi

A Chinese Transitional period plaque Shunzhi

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A Chinese roundel from the mid Seventeenth Century Transitional period decorated in a famille verte palette. The roundel is the central part of a large dish which was presumably damaged in the past, and the dish has been carefully reduced to leave this circular plaque.  The plaque has been well-decorated with three flower sprays (peony, chrysanthemum and one I cannot identify for certain) against an iron red diaper background. The front and back are glazed, the rim shows the porcelain body.  Diameter 16.3 cm (6.4”)

As can be appreciated, the decoration is very delicately done. A nice example of Shunzhi polychrome enamel decoration which displays well.
Dating: Shunzhi (1644 - 1661)


There is an area at the rim which has been ground to remove chipping, and a few tiny glaze frits around the rim. Fortunately, the ground area is mostly in the undecorated band around the rim, as can be seen in the images.