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A small Chinese armorial bowl, Qianlong

A small Chinese armorial bowl, Qianlong

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A small Chinese armorial bowl dating from the late Qianlong period c1790. The dish has a well-painted crest of a crowned bird holding a branch in its beak on either side.  There is a simple decoration of a band of red and gilt circles inside the rim. Diameter 11.2cm (4.4")

David Howard (Chinese Armorial Porcelain vol 2) illustrates this crest, and suggests that this crest is possibly for the Chalmers family.

This is part of a small set of armorial wares from this service which we are offering for sale.

Date: c1790

Condition: There is one small glaze frit to the rim, otherwise good condition with no damage or restoration. The gilding around the rim is almost entirely rubbed away.