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Chinese biscuit-decorated brush rest

Chinese biscuit-decorated brush rest

Code: 220503


A Chinese brush rest of striking and crisply-moulded three-peaked design, covered with a green glaze on the biscuit apart from the integral shaped base which is partly left unglazed. The glaze is pooled in places around the base. There is a fine line incised following the shape of the base as decoration. A striking example of monochrome decoration on Chinese porcelain. Height 11.7cm (4.6")

Dating: It is not easy to date this with complete confidence. I believe that this brush rest dates from the early Eighteenth Century, but these wares were also made in the Nineteenth Century and so we are giving a broad date range of Eighteenth or Nineteenth Century.

Condition: This brush rest is in very good condition. There is one small chip to one corner of the base. The glaze is finely crazed (only really visible using a lens) and there are fine scratches to the glaze in places from use (one of the indicators to my eyes of an early Eighteenth Century date). There is one small bruise to the glaze which has more noticable cracking to the glaze. Please study our photographs which form part of this description.