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Chinese blanc de Chine reticulated cup

Chinese blanc de Chine reticulated cup

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A Chinese double-walled and pierced blanc de Chine cup from the Dehua kilns in Fujian Province, dating from the late Ming to early Qing period.  The cup is formed in two parts: an inner cup (which also forms the rim) and an outer cup with carved and pierced decoration of peony flowers and foliage. There is a band of petal moulding around the foot. The base of the cup is pierced in the form of a Chinese cash coin. Diameter 7.3cm (2.9”)

This pierced openwork decoration is known in Chinese as ling long (Devil’s work)

A very similar cup was included as part of the exhibition of blanc de Chine held at London specialists Marchant’s in 1985, dated to 1640, and another in their 1994 exhibition of blanc de Chine.

Dating: Chongzhen to Shunzhi c1640


There is one very small rim chip, a little glaze roughness at the rim and a short firing crack in the base of the cup (visible at about 1 o’clock in the photo of the interior).  See images.