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Chinese European subject tea canister

Chinese European subject tea canister

Code: 230304


A good Chinese export European-subject tea canister decorated with famille rose enamels and dating from the Qianlong period c1740.  The canister is decorated with a continuous scene of European figures in the grounds of a large house.  Height of canister 10.3cm (4.1").

This canister is shown in plate 9.9 in the book 'La Porcelaine des Compagnies des Indes a Decor Occidental' by Hervouet & Bruneau.  The scene illustrates one of the fables of La Fontaine (‘le baiser rendu’ or ’the kiss returned') after a painting by Jean-Baptiste Pater currently in the Portland Art Gallery.  Hevouet & Bruneau suggest that the decoration on this canister copies an engraving by Filloeul from the Pater original (and indeded the scene is reversed from the Pater painting).

Provenance: this canister is from the Hervouet collection, and retains the collection label.

Condition.  The neck of this canister has been restored, and there is restoration to two of the curls around the canister base.