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Chinese verte Imari plate, Yongzheng

Chinese verte Imari plate, Yongzheng

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A good quality Chinese plate decorated in the 'verte Imari' style combining underglaze blue with overglaze blue, green, aubergine and iron red enamels and gilding and dating from the late Kangxi-Yongzheng period.  The cente of the plate is decorated with a deer pulling a cart containing a flowering plant in a vase, in a fenced garden amongst trees, from which lingzhi fungus grows, and ornamental rockwork.  The rim of the plate has a finely-drawn iron red and gilt lotus scroll border with precious objects in reserved panels.  The reverse of the plate is decorated with two iron red flowering sprays.  Diameter 22.6cm (8.9")

The deer in Chinese art has a variety of symbolisms.  The Chinese word for deer (lu) is a hompphone for the Chinese word meaning the salary received by a Government official, and the deer may therefore be read as wishes for a well-paid high office.  The Chinese god of prosperity is also Lu, and the deer therefore also carries this connotation.

Date: late Kangxi to Yongzheng c 1720-1735

This plate is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks or restoration.  There is a little stacking wear to the enamels in the centre - please see the images.