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Small blanc de chine lion dog Kangxi

Small blanc de chine lion dog Kangxi

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A crisply-moulded small Chinese blanc de Chine figure of a guardian lion, made in the Dehua kilns in Fujian Province, and dating from the Kangxi period. The figure has been moulded in two halves, the base has been made separately and the parts were joined before firing.  Height 5cm (2").

This is a well-detailed small figure, as can be appreciated from the images.

Dating: Kangxi (1662-1722)

Condition.  Good condition, with a short firing hairline in the glaze underneath the front left paw.  This is in the glaze and does not extend through the body. Possibly a very small and shallow chip to the base rim (this might simply be a manufacturing flaw).  Please see images.