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A good Chinese C17th silk lampas weave panel

A good Chinese C17th silk lampas weave panel

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A nice example of an early Chinese silk panel woven using the lampas weaving technique, dating from the late Ming Dynasty.  The panel is richly woven with a repeating pattern of squares filled with a pattern of linked ruyi heads surrounding a woven chinese character (possibly shou), and separated by round lobed panels with flower heads.  The panel is approximately 50cm x 27 cm (19.7" x 10.6")

The lampas weave was a complex weaving technique involving the use of extra binding warps.  The back of the panel shows the distinctive appearance of the weave.

The panel has survived in very good condition.  The cut edges are unfinished.  Three holes in the panel have been repaired by sewing material over the holes at the back of the panel.  One corner of the panel is missing and has been repaired by a patch of the same material.    Please examine our photographs.

From the Dr Jocelyn Chatterton collection.