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Two Chinese silk appliqués on silk backing c1880

Two Chinese silk appliqués on silk backing c1880

Code: 250531


Here's an interesting item for collectors of Chinese textiles.  A set of Chinese silk appliqués embroidered with flowers and butterflies, and mounted on a cream-coloured silk backing.  The silk backing has been mounted on a piece of card for display.  Size of mount is 21cm / 8.3" square.  Please note that the actual colours are richer than they appear in our photographs.

Appliqués such as this were 'ready made' silk decorations worked on paper backings which could then be sewn onto an item as decoration.  Looking closely it can be seen that the silk design has been embroidered onto a black backing material. In this case the appliqués have been attached to the cream silk mount ready for framing.

Good condition, with no damage or discolouration (please examine our photographs).