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A Dutch-decorated underglaze red vase Kangxi

A Dutch-decorated underglaze red vase Kangxi

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A Chinese vase with underglaze copper red decoration, and with added Dutch enamels in the Kakiemon style, dating from the Kangxi period.  The vase was imported from China with decoration of three mythical creatures in underglaze copper red. It was then over-decorated in Holland with figures, buildings and flower sprays. Height 12.7cm (5”)

Provenance: from the collection of Helen Espir, author of the standard work ‘European Decoration on Oriental Porcelain’.

The copper red, which even the expert Chinese potters found difficult to fire well, is a successful soft red-brown colour on this vase.

Date: Kangxi (1662-1722)


This vase is in very good condition. There a a few tiny glaze frits around the rim, and a small area of glaze chipping at the foot.