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A London-decorated Chinese export teapot

A London-decorated Chinese export teapot

Code: IB267


A Chinese export teapot of compressed globular form, exported into Europe as an underglaze blue and white item, and then decorated over the glaze in London with enamels and gilding in London in Limehouse style. Both sides of the teapot and the lid have been decorated with flowers and foliage.  The teapot has also been decorated with two amusingly-drawn ‘squirrels’ amidst the flowers. The teapot measures 17.2cm (6.8”) from the tip of the spout to the handle.

The term ‘Limehouse style’ is given to this type of decoration as similar decoration is found on items from the London Limehouse factory dating from c1745 to 1750
Dating: c 1750


Excellent condition. There is one small chip from the inside of the rim of the lid.  No other damage and no restoration.