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Chinese export Stag Hunt cream jug

Chinese export Stag Hunt cream jug

Code: IB288


A Chinese export cream jug on a flared foot, decorated in underglaze blue and then over-decorated in England with enamelled decoration of the ‘Stag Hunt’ pattern. The added overglaze enamels have included a distinctive pink spotted decoration of the trees, and the addition of a leaping stag in iron red and a hound black.  There is no huntsman on this jug, but two men fishing from a boat have been added in the foreground.  Height 9.2cm (3.6”).

A related teabowl & saucer were shown as part of the exhibition ‘The Early James Giles and his contemporary London Decorators’ at Stockspring Antiques.

Dating: Qianlong 1736-1795

This jug is in excellent condition, with no chips, cracks or restoration. The jug would originally have had a lid, now missing.