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Chinese milk jug with London decoration c1760

Chinese milk jug with London decoration c1760

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A London-decorated Chinese export sparrow beak milk jug painted with 'fancy birds' and dating from the Qianlong period.  When it first arrived in Europe in the middle of the Eighteenth Century this jug was undecorated, and on arrival in London it has been decorated with birds and foliage, and with a simple gilt dentil band around the rim.  Height 10.3cm (4.1")

While bearing several features usually attributed to the workshop of James Giles, the colour palette and style of decoration are similar to that used by the Duvivier brothers (see, for example, the Stockspring Antiques publication 'The Early James Giles and his Contemporary London Decorators').  Stockspring suggest that the Duvivier brothers may have worked at the Giles workshop for a period.

Date: Qianlong c1755-60

Condition: the handle of this jug has been restored.  No other damage.