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English decorated Chinese teabowl & saucer

English decorated Chinese teabowl & saucer

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A Chinese teabowl and saucer, finely potted and translucent, the centre of the saucer moulded into veined petals, and dating from the Yongzheng or early Qianlong period.  When imported into Europe, the cup was undecorated and the saucer was decorated with three gilt grasshoppers. Both the cup and saucer were then decorated in England with butterflies in gilding and with red enamels outlines and black enamel detailing. Saucer diameter 11.7cm (4.2”)

The gilt lines on the saucer follow the lines of the moulded petal edges.  This style of panelled decoration with curved edges is know as ‘Queen’s pattern’ when used to decorate Worcester porcelain. This type of gilt decoration is considered to have been done in the atelier of James Giles.


From the collection of Helen Espir.  Helen Espir is the author of the seminal book on European-decorated oriental porcelain.

The cup and saucer Yongzheng to early Qianlong, the gilt decoration added at the same period.

This cup and saucer are in excellent, undamaged condition with no chips, cracks or restoration. The gilding is also in very good condition with only minor wear as can be appreciated form the images.