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European-decorated Chinese blanc de Chine cup

European-decorated Chinese blanc de Chine cup

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An interesting example of a Chinese blanc de Chine cup from Fujian Province with added European enamel decoration.  The cup is a rhinocerous-form libation cup with applied prunus flowers on one side and magnolia flowers on the other, and with a foot formed as two branches. The European decoration has been done in a sensitive manner, with just the flowers and stems, and the applied foot, decorated.  In addtion a blue enamel ring has been added to the inside of the rim. Diameter at widest point 8.9cm (3.5")

Dating: the cup Kangxi (1662-1722), the enamel decoration perhaps a little later.

Condition.  The cup has one shallow chip at the rim, pointed out in our photos, and a short (~2cm) hairline from the rim. No other damage and no restoration.