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Good Cherry Picker & Music Party dish c1740

Good Cherry Picker & Music Party dish c1740

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A Chinese dish, imported into Europe as a Chinese Imari dish, and with added Dutch enamelling and gilding in Imari style, and with 4 figure groups around the rim.  These figures are in opposite pairs: at the left and right of the dish are the 'Cherry Pickers' scene with a man picking 'cherries' from a tree, and then presenting them to his female companion.  At the top and bottom are 'Music Party' scenes of a man playing a stringed instrument and a woman singing from sheet music.  Diameter of the dish 28cm (11").  The base of the dish has labels for the 2 London specialist dealers Geoffrey Waters and R & G McPherson, and a label for Helen Espir, from whose collection this dish comes.

It is considered that both of these scenes could represent Prince William and Pricess Anne of the Dutch House of Orange, who married in 1734.  The 'cherries' might actually represent oranges.

Dating: Early Qianlong c 1735-45

Condition: this dish has an anchor-shaped crack to the rim - please see the final image.  As can be appreciated the enamels are in good condition.