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Good Dutch-decorated Kangxi teabowl & saucer

Good Dutch-decorated Kangxi teabowl & saucer

Code: IB249


A good quality Dutch-decorated Chinese export teabowl and saucer, decorated in underglaze blue, and with a pale celadon glaze to the outside of the cup and the reverse of the saucer, dating from the Kangxi period. The centre of the saucer and the cup are decorated with flowering peonies.  The rim of the saucer, and the inside and outside rims of the cup, have been decorated with overglaze enamels and gilding in Holland. Saucer diameter 12.9cm (5.1")

An attractive combination of pale celadon glaze on the exteriors and Dutch decoration.  A related example of similar Dutch decoration on Kangxi porcelain from the collection of Augustus the Strong is shown on page 63 in the book ‘European Decoration on Oriental Porcelain’ by Helen Espir.

The porcelain Kangxi c1700-1725, and the enamels around the same date.


The teabowl and saucer are both in excellent condition with no chips, cracks or restoration.  There are a few ‘fleabite’ glaze frits to the rims of both the cup and saucer.