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A late C19th red Chinese silk purse with blue flower decorations

£70.00 Approx $84.34, €81.4

Code: 250554

A good quality red Chinese silk 'round waist' purse with silk embroidery design of paeony and other flowers in a fenced garden setting in the 'three blues' (san lan) colour palette.  The edge of the purse is bound with a bronze-coloured and black woven braidd.  This purse dates from the late Qing period, late Nineteenth Century. Width of the purse is 16.5 cm (6.5").

The purse is in very good condition.  There is a very small amount wear to the red silk background just below the centre of the purse, and some light staining to the blue backing of the purse.  Please examine our photographs.

For similar examples see 'The Chinese Purse' by Loretta H Wang.

From the Dr Jocelyn Chatterton collection.