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A charming Chinese silk sleeveless jacket for a child, early C20th


Code: 250533

A charming Chinese silk sleeveless jacket or waistcoat for a small child, lined in cotton, and dating from the early Twentieth Century.  The blue silk background of the jacket has been profusely embroidered in vibrant colours with fantastical creatures and plants including a dragon, phoenix, toad, bat, hen and chicks and a curious butterfly with a human face and shoes! The red cotton lining is illustrated with the outlines of Shanghai banks of the period.  Length of jacket is 36cm (14.2") and the width across the bottom is 38cm (15").

Wonderful lively embroidery.

The jacket is in very good condition.  There are a few stains to the front of the jacket and some light marks to the red lining (please examine our photographs).