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A large and well-detailed C18th Dehua blanc de Chine figure of Guanyin


Code: 261102

A Chinese blanc de Chine figure of Guanyin of a good size and well detailed, made in the Dehua kilns in Fujian Province, and dating from the Eighteenth Century.  The deity is modelled seated on a rock with one leg crossed over the other, with a child on her raised right knee, her long hair pulled into two long braids trailing down her shoulders, and surrounded by 4 officials wearing caps on their heads. Two dragons are writhing around the base of the figure.  Height 36cm (14.2").

Figures of Guanyin of this general type are more frequently seen with Guanyin depicted with her hair on top of the head, wearing a cowl, and accompanied by a male and female attentant.  This figure is far rarer.

Condition.  A Short firing crack at the base of the figure in the front.  Small areas of old restoration to the extremities of the main figure and surrounding figures:  two of the finger tips of the right hand of the figure have been restored. Restoration to the hands and feet of the seated child.  Restoration to the hats and the tips of the scrolls in the hands of the upper two small figures.  The small figure on the right has been re-attached.  Restoration to the head and scroll in the larger figure below on the right hand side of the deity and to the hat of the larger figure below on the left hand side of the figure.  Restoration to the 3 dragon claws at the front of the figure.  This restoration has been carefully done, as can be seen in our photographs.